About Us

Parakletos is Greek for, “The one who is called to comfort.”

When you and your loved ones are going through difficult times in your life, we are By Your Side. Our goal is to help you attain the best possible quality of life and the utmost sense of wellbeing.


We believe that life is the plurality of experiences: joy and sorrow, excitement and fear, faith and doubt, strength and weakness, pride and shame; and these truths converge–creating the essence of the human being.


We believe pain is inevitable and suffering a choice.

Acceptance of pain prevents us from suffering. Denying pain creates the suffering. Through loss, we learn to preserve. Through danger, we learn to survive. Through uncertainties, we learn to trust. Through our own flaws, we learn to master. Through our regrets, we learn to persevere. Things that pain us are those that allow us to grow.

“The One Who Is Called To Comfort”

We help you attain the
best possible quality of life